George Summerson commenced bus operations in 1927, with a 14 seat Chevrolet, and shortly afterwards he was joined in partnership by his brother William. The business became knows and G&W Summerson trading as Summerson Brothers.

The Limited company Eden Bus Services Ltd, was registered in 1976, and the assets of the partnership were transferred to it in December of that year.

For many years The Eden (this fleet name was established long before the registration of the Limited company) ran services concentrated on Bishop Auckland and Shildon.

From 1948 a regular service was started from Bishop Auckland to Aycliffe, and with the development of Newton Aycliffe new town this route was split into three variants. Having reached that far, The Eden sought to extend into Darlington, and just prior to deregulation  they started a joint service with Darlington Transport, marketed as the 'Dart Services'.

The Eden successfully tendered for many services outside their 'normal' operating area, but the biggest surprise was in 1990 when they successfully tendered for the Birtley Town Service, supported by the Tyne and Wear PTE. For this operation 2 minibuses were based at Birtley.

Leylands have figured in prominently in the fleet, types operated have included Lions,Tigers of both TS (pre-war) and PS (post-war) models, Tiger Clubs,  Leopards (26)  and the more modern day Tiger, In the 1980's and early 90's like most companies smaller buses played a large role in the fleet, MCW Metroriders and Freight Rover Sherpa's were popular choices , running alongside the larger Leyland Nationals with Volvo re-powered engines.

In 1995 The Eden was acquired by United Automobile Services Ltd of Darlington, and became a part of the Arriva Group Plc, now with a lot of companies the story would end there, however not with The Eden, In October 2001 in stepped Local musician and bus operator Graeme Scarlett who was so disappointed at the Loss of The Eden name that he approached the Arriva Group with the idea of purchasing the property rights to the Names, marks and Logo's belonging to Eden Bus Services Limited, and in May 2003 the legal documents for sale were completed.

In 2011 The Eden secured the lease on the former Summerson Bros Garage on Staindrop Road, West Auckland, and started operating services from there 16 years after the business originally moved.

Now in 2021 The Eden are currently re-organising the business due to contract changes and the effects of the Covid 19 Pandemic.